Festival Calendar for the Year 2012

Festival Name Village Date Community
Mai Bhambhi Mai Maha sud7/8/9 Feb Jat Muslim
Mahashivratri Dhrang Maha sud - 13/14 Feb Ahir/Rabari/Hindu
Abdapir Ramper Fagan vad - 1/2 Mar Rajput/Hindu
Hajipir Sodrana Chaitra sud - 6/7/8 Apr Muslim/ Hindu
Rukanshapir Talvana Chaitra sud - 10/11 Apr Muslim
Jeshal Toral Anjar Chaitra sud - 14 Apr Hindu
Gulamalishah pir Kera Chaitra sud - 15 Apr, Chaitra vad - 1/2 Apr Khoja Muslim
Matia Pir Gudthar Chaitra vad - 1/2/3 Apr Harijan, Hindu
Shitla mata Mandvi, Mundra Chaitra vad - 13 May Ahir/Rabari
Mamaidev Traijar Chaitra vad - 14 May Harijan
Pathapir Bhedi Vaishakh vad - 1/2/3 May Harijan, Lohana, Vnia, Banushali
Ravechi Rev Bhadarva vad - 7/8 Sept Ahir/Patel/Rabari
Ramdevpir Vijpaser Bhadarva vad - 10 Sept Ahir/Rabari
Sangwali mata Janan Bhadarva vad - 13/14 Sept Ahir/Rabari
Pankerser Kabrau Bhadarva vad - 10 Sept Ahir/Rabari
Mota Yakhs Saira Bhadarva vad - 13/14 Sept Hindu
Jogniar Sanger Bhadarva vad - 14/15 Sept Ahir
Habaimata Habai Asho Sud - 7/8/9 Oct. Ahir/Rabari



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